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Welcome to Minksale

Mink feeding equipment: food machines, food vehicles, nylon boxes, food mixers, food tanks and freezers for mink farming.



Minksale.com is a site for developing cooperation between mink farmers in Europe.

We have more than 10 years of experience with projects involving Danish and Baltic mink farmers, start-ups as well as existing mink farmers.

Our strength is to find suitable equipment and live mink from Denmark and Scandinavia, that matches Your mink farming needs and development.

We call for collaboration to find the equipment and minks you need with a direct contact to mink farmers, with high rated fur from mink auctions.




Mink farming equipment

At this website You will find mink farming equipment and products like:

Building equipment
Closed minkfarms
Manure gutters

Other products
Toys for minks
Equipment for food kitchens
Feed trucks

Live minks
Other colours




Feeding equipment
Food machines
Food vehicles
Nylon boxes
Food mixers
Food tanks

Cages & nest boxes
Mink cages
Nest boxes

Pelting equipment
Fleshing machines
Pelting robots
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